Farm Tools - Modern Way of Farming


Farming is a way of life today. There are techniques for making it better than the other ways of life. There are rules to abide in order to survive from this type of profession. Farm tools are the ones that can help farmers in their daily chores. It can help them harvest hectares of crops in just a manner of hours. It can do what 10 farmers can do in an hour. It can cultivate a field faster than a horse, cow or even a buffalo. It is faster, stronger and better than the basic and primitive instruments that the previous generations of farmers have used.

Technology made the tractor as the primary farming tool today. They made it the standard of farming. Anyone knows that without a tractor, a farm would be useless. It would only spell impending doom on its owner. In a word, it is a must, a necessity to own a tractor for the development, the betterment and survival of a farm these days.

In order to compensate for the lack of a tractor, farmers must hire more hands to help doing the farm work. Work is then doubled or even tripled in order to meet the production of goods. Additional hands means additional expenses, this also means more operating costs and less profit for the farmer. Double shifts or triple shifts are even more dangerous. Extended shifts and longer hours can cause various health problems like ulcer, gallstones and even over fatigue. They would be prone to heart attacks, skin cancer, and respiratory diseases. Hospital and medicine bills would pull down their finances to the point of bankruptcy.

Fortunately, the farm tractor, on the other hand, replaced the wooden cart and the sharp sickle as the choice of farming tools. It does their jobs ten times better, way much faster and far less dangerous. Productivity, safety and efficiency are what the farm tractor brings to the table when it comes to dealing with farm work. It is a multi-faceted machine that can carry heavy loads, cultivate hectares of land and harvest tons of crops easily.

Maintenance is very low and the main expense for a farm tractor is its fuel. Most farm tractors are strongly built and will only show signs of wear and tear during its 5th year of service. By that time, the money used to buy it would be already earned back, twice the amount used.

In a word, the best investment a farmer can do is to buy a farm tractor. It is a long time investment that can surely pay itself off. It is quite expensive, but it can yield more than what it costs. The money used to buy the tractor can be earned back by it. You should forget about hiring extra help. Working extra shifts is also out of the question once a tractor is available to use. Give up the old style of farming and stick with best farming tool invented by modern man. With little maintenance, it can help a shriveling farm and rejuvenate it back to health.