Forklift Parts Replacement


A well-maintained and regularly serviced forklift can last as long as two decades or even more. Of course, many of its parts will need replacing over the years. Other important replacement forklift parts can be easily overlooked unless you take the extra effort to check them periodically. While some of them may be minor parts, others could be very dangerous if they are not replaced.

Although the fork is the most important and most used part on a lift truck, it could be overlooked frequently. This is probably because their owners assume they are indestructible. Experienced forklift owners and mechanics know that nothing is indestructible and many owners make it a point to replace their forks occasionally. If you do buy new forklift forks, see if a different length, width or thickness will be better suited to your needs than the forks you now have.

Brake inspection is probably something you do routinely, but do you routinely inspect your forklift axles, too? In fact, this should be done regularly. Axle shafts, seals, boots and clamps all wear out and replacement forklift parts for axles can be purchased ividually or as a set. To keep your forklift running smoothly and safely, put axles on your tick list of parts to inspect.

Often, electric motors on forklifts are only replaced after they die. If you are not getting the performance you want out of your existing motor or motors, then consider buying a new one. The technology has improved drastically in recent years and you may find a new motor will greatly improve your forklift's performance.

Have you ever thought about replacing your forklift seat? Standard seats on many forklifts are often not the best available. Ergonomically designed forklift seats are available that make it much safer and more comfortable for the operator. Some of these replacement forklift parts are universal and can be used on most makes and models of lift trucks, while others are designed for specific trucks. Especially if you have an older forklift you should think about upgrading to a new replacement forklift seat.

Then, there are hundreds of other small and incidental replacement forklift parts to think about. All of these need to be inspected and replaced as needed. Lights, horns and alarms are essential safety parts that need occasional replacement. Other parts include bearings, fans, steering, drive and lift motors. Sometimes you can get by with used or generic parts, but if its anything important, stick with genuine OEM parts if at all possible.