A Brief Introduction to Automobile Parts


Many people love their cars, and enthusiasts often want to make their cars the best or the fastest cars that they can afford. This has a variety of auto parts.

There are hundreds of parts on the car, nothing more than a few categories:

1, oil seal, including valve oil seal and large oil seal.

2, belt, including air conditioning belt, timing belt, generator belt.

3, interior parts, including all the large pieces of the car, what car seats, car mat friends, CD friends, car perfume friends, and so on.

4, the appearance of pieces, including wipers, car film, car glass, lights, front and rear bars, doors, car covers, reversing mirror, tires and other parts of the car.

5, large parts, including some of the role played a considerable role, such as brake pads, clutch films, engines, batteries, shock absorbers, fans, air conditioning and so on.

Here are a few talk about a few car parts.

Car seats are an essential part of the driving compartment in a vehicle. There are several car seat parts that make up a car seat. These include rails, latches, seat frames, springs, and seat covers. Each part is assembled individually with special tools and equipment to create an entire car seat.

The engine accessories are throttle, engine, engine assembly, oil pump, nozzle, tension wheel, cylinder block, bearing, water pump, fuel injection, gasket, camshaft, valve, crankshaft, connecting rod assembly, Muffler, carburetor, fuel tank, water tank, fan, oil seal, radiator, filter. Engine cylinder blades can not be installed in the installation can not be reversed, otherwise it will lead to premature ablation of the cylinder pad damage; engine fan blade can not be reversed; on the direction of tires, tonal tires, The word pointed to the rear.

The main components of the instrument are sensor, car lighting, buzzer, spark plug, battery, harness, relay, sound, alarm, regulator, distributor, starter (motor), one-way, automotive instrumentation, switch, insurance Chip, glass lifter, generator, ignition coil, ignition thermostat ignition module