Application of cemented carbide ball teeth


Carbide ball teeth, with its unique properties, are widely used in oil field drilling and snow removal, snow plows or other equipment. According to different oilfield drilling machinery, such as roller cone bits, downhole drill bits, geological drilling tools.

Carbide ball teeth are divided into different standard styles: spherical teeth, tapered teeth, wedge teeth, spoon teeth, flat top teeth, parabolic teeth and so on.
Cemented carbide mining ball teeth are also widely used as excavating tools in quarrying, mining and tunnel excavation in civil buildings. In addition, it is also used as a drill fitting for heavy rock drill or deep hole drill tool accessories.

The advantages of alloy ball teeth: The cemented carbide ball teeth used in mines are mainly used as mining tools in quarrying, mining and tunnels and civil buildings. With superior wear resistance and impact toughness, it has higher drilling speed than similar products. The ball tooth series passivation has a long service life, and its non-wear life is about 5-6 times of the life of the drill head with the same diameter, which helps to save the auxiliary working hours, reduce the manual labor and speed up the project.

Alloy ball teeth product uses: often used as mining machine drilling tools, mining machinery tools, oil drilling and road maintenance tools to remove snow and road cleaning. Carbide ball teeth are widely used in mining quarrying and cutting processes due to their high hardness and other characteristics of carbide, and can also be placed in heavy excavator drill bits.