Automobile Casting Parts Have High Precision


The die cast is a pressure Automobile Casting Parts that are used to pour the metal, such as copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum, into the inlet of the die casting machine by using a pressure casting machine die casting machine equipped with a casting mold. Die-casting machine die-casting, casting molds that limit the shape and size of copper, zinc, aluminum parts or aluminum parts, such parts are usually called die castings. Die castings in different places, such as die-casting parts, pressure castings, die castings, die-cast aluminum, die-cast zinc pieces, die-cast copper pieces, copper die castings, zinc die castings, aluminum die castings, Alloy castings, aluminum alloy die-casting parts.

As the metal copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloys are relatively good mobility and plasticity, and in the casting process is a pressure in the die casting machine casting, aluminum die casting can make a variety of more complex shapes, Can also make a relatively high accuracy and a certain degree of finish, which can greatly reduce the amount of machined metal casting and metal copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy casting margin, not only saves electricity, metal materials, but also greatly Which is widely used in the manufacture of automobile, the production of internal combustion engine, the manufacture of motorcycle, the manufacture of electric motor, the manufacture of electric machinery, the manufacture of electric machinery, the manufacture of electric machinery, Oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, landscaping, power construction, building decoration and other industries. Automotive casting parts is more prominent.

Automotive casting parts can be divided into die-cast auto parts, cast electric power fittings, die-casting motor end caps, die-cast automotive engine fittings, die-cast air conditioning accessories, die-casting gasoline engine cylinder cylinder head, die-casting valve rocker, die-cast housing, die-casting pump housing Accessories, die-casting decorative accessories, die-casting rails accessories, die-casting valve bearings, die-casting rounds, and so on.

As the graphite in the automobile casting parts is favorable for lubrication and oil storage, the abrasion resistance is good. Similarly, due to the presence of graphite, gray cast iron shock resistance is better than steel. As the gray cast iron high carbon content, close to the eutectic composition, so the melting point is relatively low, good fluidity, shrinkage is small, so suitable for casting complex or thin-walled castings. In addition, since the graphite is easy to form chips during cutting, the machinability of the gray cast iron is superior to that of the steel.