Catalytic Converters Are One Of The Automotive Parts


Today, this article focuses on Automobile Parts - a catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is a very important emission control component installed in the vehicle exhaust system. The device generates a chemical reaction by passing the exhaust gas through the fine grids of the catalytic material to reduce harmful emissions. Through this process, toxic gases such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and any unburned hydrocarbons are converted to nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water.

Catalytic converters are often referred to as simple "cats" and were first authorized by the law in the mid-1970s to reduce pollution and keep the air, and we all breathe cleanly. Since then, in many parts of the country, annual emissions inspections are required to update your vehicle registration. If your vehicle has recently failed to pass the annual emissions check, or if your vehicle's car diagnostics indicate a problem with the catalyst, it is likely that the catalytic converter will be replaced.

Although the catalytic converter does not require much other way to work properly, oxygen or oxygen sensors are installed in the cat and allow your car engine manager to read the exhaust gas and precisely adjust the air / fuel mixture to achieve clean emissions. Usually when the cat fails, these sensors cause the cause, or fail. In many cases, the sensor is even caught a rusty cat, can not be transferred from the old unit to the new.

The catalytic converter is designed to be connected to the stock exhaust system without any modification. This is the perfect choice for workers who need to complete the replacement without the need for welding or professional workshop tools. The alternative is a universal configuration that usually requires custom machining, including welding, to install into your vehicle. If your vehicle has a custom or aftermarket exhaust, or if you need a cost-effective replacement option and have the tools and know how to cut and weld the exhaust to fit, the universal fit cat may be your right choice.