Choosing Right Bucket Teeth for Excavator


The mining and construction industries focus on productivity and are committed to improving quality of work through innovation of new and existing earth moving equipment. When we talk about effort and value, we are implying that each machine is working to its best capacity. Evaluating digging machines and ground engaging tools can dramatically improve digging performance, avoid costly mistakes, promote gain and costs saving, and finish projects in a cost effective time frame. Therefore, take the excavator for an example, choosing the right bucket teeth or other key components for the excavator is no doubt an important task.

Equipment and attachment selection can be extremely difficult depending on external environmental elements. Digging conditions can change across different operating zones, due to complex interactions that cannot always be controlled on-site. This is why optimizing digging and loading equipment is the only way to get the optimal value from your machine.

Using the correct bucket teeth can dramatically improve the digging performance of your excavator and loader. Improving your digging performance by optimizing your machine and attachments can maximize value to your project and help to prevent unforeseen project time extensions.

Rock chisel bucket teeth are designed for bulk earthworks and greater penetration in pre-blasted or blasted ground. The unique shape of the rock chisel tooth encourages greater penetration while allowing unrestricted material flow. Rock chisel teeth are a reversible centreline design ensuring the tooth remains sharp while digging. The symmetrical shape of the tooth enables it to be reversed during use to maximize the wear life of the tooth.

The rock chisel tooth is one of the most versatile teeth available due to its proven performance in general digging and also due it being one of the longest teeth in the range.

Harsh weather conditions can delay a contract if the right equipment or maintenance isn't available, for example, rain can quickly churn the dusty red sand into a texture that represents clay. Miners or construction workers can still work through the change of terrain with the right bucket teeth.

Twin tiger teeth outperforms rock chisel teeth in surfaces such as clay, wet compacted grounds and gravel and is designed to give long lasting penetration through the life span of the tooth. The twin prongs on this style will penetrate and break out tight compacted material thus allowing productivity with bucket capacity fill.

Due to their intense penetration and the harsh conditions the twin tiger teeth are exposed to, digging quality is reduced as they wear down, often at a quicker pace than other designs. Hence, to maintain digging efficiency, it’s important to rotate the teeth to keep them sharp and increase wear life. And only by doing so, the excavator can do its work much better.