Classification of defects and technical aspects of castings


China has classified the defects of castings and related technical aspects. The general classification methods are as follows:

The first is the design, the poor work and design make it flawed, then the reason is the shrinkage of a link, when this can not be reached, the tooling manufacturing casting products have defects.

The second is material and smelting. When the two are different, the defects are unavoidable. The smelting is made of an alloy of a metal and a stainless steel product. The rational performance of the smelting is relatively large, and the thermal cracking will also occur. Very large, casting technology can also cause mistakes when internal and external defects increase.

One aspect of the defects in casting technology knowledge, then cracks and holes? The probability of sand defects can be manipulated using procedures, and defects and defects in castings can be neglected. For example, forgetting the weight and the overshoot of the lower core, the lifting of the case will cause sand eye defects, and proper control is the king.