Excavator Parts Machine Control Systems


What kind of machines are suitable for machine control?

Machine control systems can be installed on many kinds of machines such as excavators, bulldozers, motor graders, wheel loaders, drilling machines and compactors. The size of the machine does not set restrictions. Thanks to our continuous research and development, customer specific applications are also possible. If needed, a machine control system can be moved from one machine to another, with only the sensors needing to be installed on each machine.

After the actual machine and its part the major factor that excavator machine operators have to deal with is the machine control system. The two most popular control systems are SAE and ISO. The only difference between the two however is the fact that the hands that control the boom and the stick are exchanged. Here is an overview of how both these control systems function.

Does the systems have to be used by highly skilled operators?

No, a highly skilled operator is not necessary. IDigBest machine control systems are designed to be very easy to use. Customers are always given training on the system after installation. Separate training sessions are also available based on the needs or requests of the customer.

Will machine control systems withstand the demanding conditions of earth moving work?

Reliability is among the key issues that are given attention in the product development process. The equipment is able to withstand hits, vibration, moisture and temperature changes.

While these are the basic Excavator Parts control systems which prevail across the globe, the control systems are becoming increasingly automated. As a matter of fact a lot of semi automated machines are now becoming increasingly available. The automated machines come at a cost, however considering the efficiency and productivity of these machines the added cost makes sense to the consumer. The automated machines provide a finish that was almost non existent in the past.