Find out What is The Lost Wax Casting Process of Bucket Teeth


Excavator bucket teeth is an important part of the excavator, similar to the human teeth, but also wearing parts, is composed of tooth and tooth tip combination of bucket teeth, both by pin connection. As the bucket tooth wear failure part of the tooth tip, as long as the replacement can be a sharp.

Bucket teeth need a series of complex process, but the hot forging is the most important part of the fighting teeth fighting part, through the heat forging selection of medium frequency induction heating equipment can be completed. Heat is the metal from outside to inside the whole for heating, is the metal forging before the heat treatment, forging machinery is commonly used in the forming method. By forging can eliminate the casting of metal as loose, welding holes, forgings of the mechanical properties are generally better than the same material castings. Heavy load in the machine, the working conditions of the important parts, in addition to the shape of the available rolling sheet, profiles or welding parts, the use of forgings.

Bucket teeth of the process of sand casting, forging casting and precision casting. Sand casting the lowest cost, but the level of technology and the quality of the teeth is not as good as precision casting and forging casting. The cost of forging casting is the highest, but the level of technology and the quality of the bucket teeth is also the best. In the precision casting, the cost is moderate but the requirements of raw materials is very strict, the level of technology is relatively high. There are some precision casting bucket teeth due to the reasons for the wear and the quality of the ingredients even more than the forging casting bucket teeth. At present, precision casting bucket teeth for the market bucket teeth of the mainstream manufacturing process.

Low alloy wear-resistant steel material for the bucket teeth is more appropriate. But because there is no need for the necessary heat treatment, the teeth are not uniform tissue, inserts did not play their due role, the overall wear resistance of the bucket teeth, leading to early failure. It is recommended that the Lost Wax Casting be properly normalized after casting to improve the organization and performance and improve the service life. After a reasonable heat treatment of the castings, the service life of the bucket teeth has increased by nearly 2 times under the same working conditions.