How are precision castings Automobile Casting Parts?


Our company is a high-tech company that integrates investment casting, investment casting equipment, process transfer, and equipment accessories sales. Then we share with you the rust prevention knowledge of precision casting parts.

The corrosion or discoloration of metals or alloys in the atmosphere due to oxygen, moisture, acids, salts, and moist air is called rusting or rusting, and it can turn very high-strength metal surfaces into very low-strength compounds.

For this reason, investment castings often require medium-term rust treatment. Anti-rust method, usually choose water anti-rust or oil anti-rust. Whichever method is used to prevent rust, the casting must be scrubbed beforehand to remove the surface turbidity and promote its formation of passivation film. The composition, temperature, and use of the scrubbing solution. After the castings are washed, they should be dried with hot, dry compressed air and then rust-proofed.