How To Avoid Construction Machinery Parts Damaged


There are many types of machinery and equipment. When mechanical equipment is running, some Construction Machinery Parts can even perform different forms of mechanical movement. Mechanical equipment from the drive, transmission, transmission, work equipment, braking devices, guards, lubrication systems, cooling systems and other components.

Construction machinery operations should be avoided in the rough, otherwise it will inevitably have an impact load, so that construction machinery parts frequently, greatly shortening their service life. Impact load generated during operation, on the one hand will make the mechanical structure of the early wear and tear, broken, broken, on the other hand the hydraulic system to produce impact pressure, the impact pressure will make the hydraulic components damaged, oil seals and high pressure hose fittings and hose Premature failure at the junction of the oil spill or burst pipe, relief valve frequent movements so that the oil temperature rise.

To effectively avoid the impact load: the operating rules must be strictly enforced to avoid the strong impact of the working equipment components moving to the extreme position. The hydraulic equipment without the impact function can not violently impact the work object with the working equipment (such as the excavator bucket) To achieve the purpose of broken.

There is also a noteworthy problem: the operator must remain stable. Because each device has some differences in the free clearance of the operating system, the wear of the connection site is also different from the gap, the output of the engine and hydraulic system are also different, these factors give the device personality. Only the operator who uses the device can work hard to find out and correct his manipulative actions to adapt to the personality of the device. After long-term operations, the good operating habits that conform to the device's personality can be developed. Construction machinery industry insisted on the set system, which is one of the factors.