How to buy economical and practical kitchen hardware accessories


Kitchen decoration everyone may focus on buying large items, such as cabinet appliances, in fact, the small details of the cabinet is also very important.Do not look at the cabinet hardware accessories are usually hidden in the cabinet, under the cabinet, it is very inconspicuous, in fact, there is no quality cabinet hardware accessories, the cabinet life and aesthetics will not be very good.

Drawer slide

The importance of cabinet rails is second only to hinges. Cabinet companies use cabinet drawer rails that are similar in hinge price. About 95% of cabinet companies use low-priced, low-quality products. In comparison, the advantages and disadvantages are not differentiated from appearance and use. Their main differences are materials, structures, equipment, production processes, and so on. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, domestically produced slide rails are generally difficult to meet the requirements. Even if it feels good in the short term, it will be difficult to push and pull if it takes a little longer. Therefore, in order to ensure that the drawers are pushed and pulled for a long time, you can choose imported brands with superior performance.

Hardware hinge

There are many times the cabinet door switch, so the door hinge is very important. Practice has shown that, depending on the nature of the cabinet hinges and the accuracy of the cabinet doors used, it is difficult to meet the necessary quality requirements with the domestic cabinet hinges, which together with the weight of the kitchen door itself.


In most kitchens, faucets are often a rare highlight. This is because the faucet can give the designer a large space for display, and the design elements such as lines, colors and shapes can express many exciting design inspirations, and the aesthetics and artistic light can be realized.