How to Choose Excavator Parts - Bucket I


Several factors can help excavator parts operators improve their productivity during everyday construction tasks, but the single biggest contributing factor typically circles back to choosing the proper excavator parts for the application.

There can be a tendency for some excavator operators to gravitate toward using a standard bucket in all applications. However, this approach may negatively impact the operator’s productivity. For example, using a standard bucket rather than a trenching bucket in trenching or deep digging applications may result in decreased efficiency.

As a matter of fact, prior to selecting a bucket, it is important for operators to consider the application the excavator will be used in, the density of the heaviest material, the accessories that can be used, and the coupling systems for easy attachment changes. Operators should also check that the bucket chosen does not exceed the machine’s operating capacity.

First of all, it is advisable to choose a bucket type with soil conditions in mind. There are two primary bucket types for contractors to choose from: heavy-duty buckets and severe-duty buckets.

Heavy-duty buckets are the most common excavator bucket type, because they work well in a variety of soil conditions, such as clay, gravel, sand, silt and shale. The buckets are manufactured with high-quality, abrasion-resistant materials, durable side cutters for extra strength and protection, and bottom wear pads.

Severe-duty buckets are best suited for excavator operators who are handling abrasive materials in heavy or severe digging and truck-loading applications. The buckets are manufactured with abrasion-resistant material for added protection and strength when digging in loose rock or pit and quarry operations. The buckets’ side cutters, shell bottoms, side wear plates, and weld-on wear shrouds all consist of abrasion-resistant material. In addition, reinforced gussets help strengthen the machine-fitting joints on the buckets to promote uptime.

Well, additional abrasion-resistant components manufactured in severe-duty buckets include the cutting edge, front wear pads, and rolled wear strap.