How to Choose Excavator Parts - Bucket III


Increased attachment flexibility can help operators save valuable time, because they may not need to reposition the excavator frequently while working, or stop to change attachments to perform certain tasks. This is especially beneficial when working under or around objects, such as an underground pipe.

This attachment can be most useful for those working in general excavation, underground utility, grading and erosion control applications.

Another key to getting the most productivity from an excavator is the investment in a quality attachment change system, which is optional on most manufacturers’ machines. Investing in a quality attachment connection system, such as a quick coupler, can expand your attachment versatility and produce higher utilization rates.

Depending on the ground conditions and density of the material, a utility contractor may need a ditching bucket at one location, a trenching bucket at another, or an angle tilt bucket at the next. Quick couplers make it much easier and faster to change buckets and other attachments while on the job site.

Operators are also more likely to use the right size bucket if they can quickly switch between buckets to best match the trench width.

Side and bottom wear plates, sidebar protectors, and side cutters are other bucket accessories that help decrease wear on the bucket, keeping the machine running as long as possible to protect that investment.

Finally, it is important to inspect wear items and replace parts. Maintaining excavator buckets is just as important as following regular maintenance schedules on the excavator itself and should not be overlooked. Daily inspection of the bucket teeth, cutting edges, and heel of the bucket for obvious wear or breakage is recommended. Bucket teeth should be replaced before they wear down and the bucket adapter is exposed. In addition, inspect the wear shrouds for component wear and replace if needed.

There are many replaceable wear items on a Excavator Parts bucket, so it is crucial that when operators are completing a general inspection, they replace those items to help prolong the life of the bucket. If the bucket shell is worn beyond repair, equipment owners should replace the bucket and other excavator parts.