How to Increase the Quality of Stainless Steel Casting Parts


Stainless Steel Casting Parts in the modern production and life more and more applications, so the production of stainless steel casting parts more and more enterprises in the production process, due to some technical problems, often affect the quality of stainless steel casting parts. So how do we improve the quality of stainless steel castings?

In order to prevent white cast when stainless steel casting parts, in addition to taking measures from the process, the wall thickness must not be too thin, wall thickness of 15mm or more, the corners of the cast metal castings must be rounded;

Due to the non-conformance of the metal type and the core, the casting slope of the stainless steel casting parts should be appropriately larger than the sand castings, generally 30% -50%, in order to facilitate the removal of the castings and the draw-out type. It should be pointed out that: In addition to the size of the casting slope with the type of alloy, the height of the wall, but also with the location of the casting surface, where the casting cooling shrinkage and metal surface with a tendency to deviate from the casting surface can be designed to be small Degree, and in the casting shrinkage tends to be pressed on the metal surface of the casting surface should be given a greater slope;

As the metal-type heat dissipation, so the minimum wall thickness of stainless steel casting should be larger than the sand castings to be larger, a variety of casting alloys, casting the smallest wall thickness of different sizes; The thickness of the inner wall and the inner rib of the stainless steel casting parts shall generally be 0.6-0.7 of the thickness of the connected outer wall. Otherwise, the inner wall (rib) will be cooled slowly, and cracks easily occur at the junction of the inner and outer walls when the castings shrink.

Starting from the mold, the mold surface treatment is clean, that is, the surface of the brush after brushing nitrocellulose paint, high precision castings using metal or plastic mold to improve the surface finish of the mold. Starting from the raw materials, modeling and core use of zircon sand resin sand, mesh 75-150, the use of thermosetting resin, mixed grind good sand high refractoriness, smooth surface, good collapsible, easy to shake off the sand.