How to Maintain Ground Engaging Bucket Teeth


The bucket used on your ground engaging equipment and tools are of vital importance. Without them being in tip-top condition, projects will take longer and efficiency will soon become impossible. Let’s face it, replacing ground engaging buckets or ground engaging bucket teeth can be expensive, and though we stock a wide range of well-priced bucket teeth, we still want you to get the best lifespan and value for money out of your equipment. As a result, we would love to share a few tips on how to operate and care for your equipment, so as to prolong the lifespan of your bucket teeth.

Tips and cutting edges should be rotated and moved to prolong wear life. The tips near the outer corners of your bucket will show the fastest wear and tear. You should rotate outer tips to the center of the bucket and move less worn teeth to the outer corners. You can also roll the tips if you want to ensure that you get the best possible wear-life and sharper tips for longer.

Don’t overdo it with the rotating and moving of tips. It’s great to get a little extra life out of your tips before having to replace them, but don’t keep up this process going for too long. Make sure that you replace any worn-out tips before they fail.

Avoid reduced productivity, base edge wear and adapter wear by being meticulous about replacing lost or damaged tips. These missing tips can greatly affect the digging ability of the ground engaging equipment.

It is vitally important to keep up with your maintenance. While you might not think that ground engaging equipment is expensive, the damage you can cause by using a poorly maintained machine or the incorrect adapters and accessories can be quite profound. Some unseen expenses that can arise from lack of maintenance include reduced productivity, decreased equipment efficiency and accuracy, increased fuel consumption and expenses, excess shock loads imposed on linkages, and wear and damage to the bucket.

We hope that these tips and morsels of advice will help you to keep your ground engaging bucket teeth in excellent condition.