Investment Casting Requires a Good Molding Material


Investment Casting is a relatively advanced metal processing technology, casting the history of this process can be traced back to thousands of years. Initially the beeswax forms the desired shape and then covers it in the clay. Use bellows and coal fire to melt metal. This process is used to form shapes such as idols, jewels and art. Over time, the accuracy of materials and processes is increased to the extent that very predictable results can be achieved. Dentists are part of a more industrial-level initial investment casting user, using this process to create fillers used in the patient's mouth.

Investment casting, including pressure wax, wax repair, group tree, dip pulp, melting wax, casting metal liquid and post-processing processes. Investment casting is usually made in the shape of fusible material, in the appearance of the surface coated with a number of layers of refractory shell made of shell, and then melt the shape of the shell, so as to obtain no part of the mold, after high temperature roasting Can be filled with sand casting casting program. As a result of the widespread use of wax material to manufacture, it is often referred to as investment casting "lost wax casting."

In the investment casting, the main pattern is made using wax, wood, foam or other material. The main mode is essentially a prototype of the parts to be made. The master is then converted into a mold or die made of metal steel or rubber.

Investment casting also need to choose a good molding materials. The performance of the molding material should not only ensure the accuracy of the size and surface finish, strength, and light weight, it should also create the conditions for the manufacture of the shell and the good casting. The mold material is generally formulated with wax, natural resin and plastic (synthetic resin).

The purpose of the preparation of the mold material is to mix the various raw materials that make up the mold material into a uniform one, and make the state of the mold material meet the requirements of pressing the investment. Preparation of the main method of heating with a variety of raw materials melting and mixing into one, and then in the case of cooling, the mold material will be stirring vigorously, so that the mold material into a paste for the state of the mold. There is also a case where the mold material is melted into a liquid direct casting mold.