Modern machining requirements for tools


The processing equipment that is the main part of the processing is rapidly becoming popular with the development of mechanical elements and NC technology with high speed and high precision.

This is because high-speed machining not only improves machining efficiency, reduces cost, but also improves machining accuracy and Bucket Adapters to the processing of difficult-to-cut materials such as hardened steel that has previously been a problem.

In terms of cutting tools, carbide cutting tools are becoming more and more popular, and CBN, diamond cutting tools, and DLC coatings suitable for high-speed machining are also being developed.

The tool is placed between the processing machine and the cutting tool to act as a cutting tool. Therefore, high-speed machining not only requires the cutting tool itself to have good rigidity, flexibility, dynamic balance and operability, but also the rigidity and connection precision when connecting with the machine spindle, the holding force and the holding precision when holding the cutting tool and other aspects. Strict requirements were put forward.

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