Simple Tips for operating a forklift safely


Operating forklifts should only be done by individuals who have been trained properly and contain a licence to operate the equipment.

For safety purposes it’s important for the operator to make use of the steps and hand grabs to seat themselves correctly in the forklift.

Before starting the forklift it’s important to ensure all the equipment’s controls are in reach and the seat position and mirrors are adjusted to the operator’s needs.

The operator should not start the forklift until they are correctly seated with their safety belt fastened and all parts of their body are safely inside the confines of the operators cabin or the forklift.

Anyone using forklift trucks must be qualified by obtaining proper training and possessing a license to operate the same. Operators of forklifts should wear appropriate safety wear, which will usually contain hi-visibility jackets, safety shoes and a hard hat. Also, this safety work wear must fit the operator reasonably, as loose clothing carries the risk of getting caught on equipment. It is also important that operators cease from using forklifts when their hands are covered with greasy substances in order to prevent slide offs and accidents.

Operators should do a routine check of the equipment before driving them. Some things you should check for any faults are brakes, steering, controls, warning devices, mast and tires.

If there are any noted damages or problems management should be notified and the forklift should not be operated if it needs to be repaired.

Always consider the ‘journey’s end’ of a load before picking it up. A convenient position of a load from pick up may not be convenient for stacking.

This is some tips we choose for you ,hope it can help you.