The Application of Investment Casting is Developing Rapidly


Investment casting is also known as lost wax casting and is an industrial process used to make metal parts with great details. It is one of the most basic metal forming techniques. This is a multi-step process that provides fine details at a reasonable cost. The cost of equipment for investment casting is considered to be the smallest compared to other forms of full die casting or die casting.

In the investment casting, the main pattern is made using wax, wood, foam or other material. The main mode is essentially a prototype of the parts to be made. The master is then converted into a mold or die made of metal steel or rubber.

After the mold is made, the wax is poured therein to prepare the wax mold and allowed to cool. After cooling, the wax model is assembled to prepare for casting. During this period, the wax pattern can also be chased and trimmed, using a heated tool to remove the flash in the pattern surface and any other defects.

The history of the casting process can be traced back to thousands of years. Initially the beeswax forms the desired shape and then covers it in the clay. Use bellows and coal fire to melt metal. This process is used to form shapes such as idols, jewels and art. Over time, the accuracy of materials and processes is increased to the extent that very predictable results can be achieved. Dentists are part of a more industrial-level initial investment casting user, using this process to create fillers used in the patient's mouth.

The application of investment casting has been developing rapidly in modern times. Investment Castings are used to create components in aerospace, transportation, material handling, pumps and valves, food processing and other fields. Sculpture and original art also use investment casting to create an artist-made metal version. The investment casting is also used to manufacture medical devices and components for use within the human body.