The current status of stainless steel casting technology


The history and culture of Stainless Steel Casting Parts has a long history. It has a history of thousands of years. With the evolution of society, casting has undergone great changes. In the current economic development, what are the current problems of stainless steel casting technology? How do you listen to tin casting?

1. Serious environmental pollution and poor working environment

The charge in the casting production is mainly pig iron, scrap steel, coke, limestone, sand, core sand. Mainly used for transportation, sand mixing, molding, core making, baking, melting, pouring, cooling, falling sand, cleaning and post-treatment of raw sand, clay, coal powder, resin and other binders, curing agents, old sand, etc. The process is carried out in mechanical vibration and noise in terms of its operation, and some are still in high temperature, such as melting and pouring, and some produce irritating odor, and the dust working environment is even worse.

2. Low level of technology and poor casting quality

The design of the gating system is unreasonable. Due to improper design, there are defects such as gas and inclusions, resulting in low casting yield and yield.

3. High energy consumption and raw material consumption