The role of the container corner piece


The container corner pieces ensure the safe transportation of the product without the quality damage caused by the collision. If it is transported by sea, it is important to ensure that a safety problem in the transportation process is often caused by too many products and too many types of Stainless Steel Casting Parts , but they are used. After a container corner piece, such a problem can be solved immediately.

Since all marine transportation products are operated according to classification code or in large quantities, it is very important to have a clear-colored container and quickly find the direction. In addition, since the safety of the container is very large, a constant state under a stable condition can be ensured, so that damage due to collision does not occur.

It plays an important role in the lifting, handling and fixing of containers. It is installed in the four corners of the container. It can be said that the force exerted by the container needs to pass through the corner piece of the container. Once the container corner piece is damaged and cannot be used, the entire container may collapse.

For the transmission of force, this requires that the container corner piece must have a good force performance, and it must be matched with the container when designing, so that the force is reduced. Otherwise, the long-term force, the life of the container corner pieces is not long.