The Use and Role of Some Railway Parts


Railway parts are part of the railway line, which refers to the track, including rails, sleeper, connecting parts, track bed, anti-climb equipment, rail and turnout and so on. As a holistic engineering structure, the rail laying on the roadbed, plays a guiding role in the operation of the train, directly under the enormous pressure of locomotives and their loads. Under the power of the train operation, its various components must have sufficient strength and stability to ensure that the train in accordance with the provisions of the highest speed, safe, smooth and uninterrupted operation.

Rail is a very important sign of the railway. Rail to the approximate weight per meter kilogram, can be divided into two kinds of heavy and light rail. What are the requirements of the rail?

After rolling the rails should be straight, no significant bending and twisting. For the local bending and twisting of light and heavy rails and the amount of correction deformation, the inclination of the rail end, etc., shall not exceed the standard requirements. Rail surface should be clean and smooth, no cracks, scarring, scratches and other defects; its end face shall not have cracks and sandwich and so on. The level of defects and their geometrical quantities allowed for the entire surface of the light and heavy rail shall not exceed the requirements of the standard.

Connection parts are divided into two categories, connecting two rail end parts called joint connection parts; connecting rails and sleeper parts called intermediate connecting parts, namely fasteners. The connector connects the parts so that the wheels can smoothly roll over the rail joints and keep the two rails in front and back. The fastener connects the rails and sleeves to form the track frame so that the two rails maintain the correct relative position; the fasteners provide sufficient pressure to prevent the rails from overturning and prevent longitudinal movement of the rails.

In the context of the great development of the railway, the railway parts industry has maintained a relatively high level of development, equipment localization is one of the trend of railway accessories. Railway parts with high strength, good toughness and excellent anti-fatigue properties and wear resistance and so on.