Train Parts Are Be Strictly Monitored


Train Parts are high strength, high durability, light and slim, locomotive and vehicle accessories chemical stability is good, novel design, reasonable structure, the advantages of reliable quality, the leading domestic level, the products are exported to all parts of the country. Rail parts do not allow a little bit of quality problems, it is strict quality control, so that many customers have a sense of security.

Train equipment industry investment in the next 10 years to maintain a relatively high level, the locomotive railway accessories in the context of the great development of the railway, the process of domestic equipment will become the key, we believe that in the future high-speed railway construction process, the domestic fine Sub-industry leaders will be through the introduction of foreign technology and independent innovation combined to improve the level of comprehensive manufacturing and technological level, benefit from the industry boom to enhance.

In the construction of high-speed railway, the Ministry of Railways has a very clear requirements of the domestic rail assembly ratio, high-speed rail localization rate must reach more than 70%, 30% of imported technology and products will be mainly concentrated in the power system and electronic control system , We believe that the basic locomotive railway accessories such as elastic components, bridge bearings, axles, fasteners and bearings will be preferred high-quality production.

The train parts are obtained by defining the weld quality level determined by the safety and load factors during the design process. The quality grade of the defect is associated with the seam quality level to ensure that the expected quality level is reached. According to the weld quality level, the enterprise certification level, weld inspection level and welding personnel qualification.