Types of Excavator and Excavator Parts


For any type of heavy construction work, Excavator Parts are extremely important machines in order to complete the task in hand. These machines primarily consist of a house, bucket, stick and a boom. Different types of jobs will require excavators with different configurations which are readily available on the market. The most common forms of excavators found on typical construction sites include:

1. Dump trucks: A heavy-duty truck that tilts backwards so that it can dump loose material.

2. End loaders: A platform elevator that lifts loads so that it is level with the rear of the truck.

3. Scrapers: These are responsible for scrapping down spots in the site which are too high and depositing earth in the areas which are too low.

4. Backhoes: A type of excavator where the bucket is rigidly attached to a pole on the boom.

5. Bulldozers: Machines that have large blades in order to push a large volume of materials from a site.

6. Track hoe: A machine with a large boom which is used for digging holes and deep trenches.

7. Large end loaders: These machines are able to carry large loads without risk of any breakage due to a steering system which functions on strong drive axles.

Excavators can dig large scale trenches by attaching a bucket at the end of the hinged arm. These machines can also efficiently load and unload heavy materials such as stone, debris, dirt, concrete etc. Operators should use a high quality bucket to maximize wear life, especially in the most adverse working conditions. Moreover, excavators can even handle large materials like pipes and poles if a mechanical thumb is attached.

To generate an increased torsion, regular rubber tyres can be replaced with spiked-steel wheels. This, however, is only for the use on special types of terrains, and therefore this special equipment cannot be used on regular roads.These have been designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding challenges and to provide unrivaled durability in all working conditions.

In addition, all of the excavator parts tend to need regular maintenance, for example, strips of detachable metal are fixed to the buckets and designed to be worn away and replaced. Make sure that you keep on top of these repairs to ensure that you excavator is working to its maximum capability.