What is the Function of Ripper Teeth


Ripper shanks certainly have their place in the earth moving and construction industry. If you operate a bulldozer, you will benefit from top-quality, durable ripper teeth and shanks. The front of your bulldozer is equipped with a metal blade, which is probably how most people identify a bulldozer. This is used for moving sand, rubble and other construction materials and waste. The handling capacity of the bulldozer will depend on its power and, of course, on the load bearing capacity of the blade.

The rear of your bulldozer features a ripper and attached ripper shanks, which do the actual heavy-duty ripping. The ripper is modeled on the design of a claw and is used to break up dense compacted material into finer, more manageable material. This type of functionality is of great value in the mining industry, construction industry, military, farm operations and similar environments.

While both the metal blade and ripper tooth are the bulldozer’s primary tools, today we’re going to focus on the ripper tooth. Here’s what you need to know about ripper teeth and ripper shanks for your bulldozer:

Rippers are available in single-shank and multi-shank varieties. The shanks are the part of the claw-like device used for the actual ripping function and must therefore be kept in tip-top condition to ensure long-term service and the highest possible efficiency and accuracy. Generally, for heavy-duty ripping, the single-shank ripper is most often used. The ripper shank itself usually has a boot attached, which is made of steel and assists in ripping functionality.

Once the boot component of a ripper shank fitted, it must be maintained and regularly replaced when wear and tear is evident. This protects the ripper shank to ensure long-term functionality and efficiency. Without a boot component, the ripper shank will wear down and suffer damage prematurely.

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