Why Bucket Teeth Maintenance is Necessary


Are you tired of wasting your valuable profits on ground engaging equipment, tools, and components that wear out too quickly? In particular, the bucket teeth on your ground engaging machinery might suffer the most wear and tear. These buckets must be in the best possible condition if you are looking for efficiency, speedy turnaround on projects and of course, accuracy. Those who choose to ignore worn bucket teeth often soon experience costly repairs and delays on their projects.

While our ground engaging bucket teeth are surely among the best available on the market and designed to offer a lengthy service life, there are still a few things that you can do to ensure your bucket teeth remain in top condition. First and foremost, put some time aside on a regular basis to rotate the tips and cutting edges. This will prolong the lifespan of your bucket teeth. It is expected that the outer tips will be likely to wear faster than the others, so keep an eye on this area. If you move the outer tips to the center when you first notice wear, it should buy you some time without putting the equipment at risk. You cannot prolong the lifespan of tips forever and if you want your equipment to be efficient, you need to make sure that when the tips are worn, they are promptly replaced.

If any of the tips break off or become seriously damaged, make sure that they are replaced as quickly as possible. It is difficult for a ground engaging tool to operate efficiently or dig correctly if it is missing some of its parts. Check your equipment regularly to ensure that all components and parts are intact and in place before and after each use.

On-going maintenance is of the utmost importance. Ground engaging equipment can be expensive to buy and it will be just as expensive to repair. If you miss important part failures or wear and tear, you could find yourself having to replace the equipment or even suffering expensive downtime while repair and maintenance tasks are undertaken.

On the other hand, if you are meticulous with your maintenance, there will be no expensive surprises. Part of a good maintenance schedule is making sure that the adapters, accessories and components that you use are compatible with your equipment and machinery.

Leaving you repairs and maintenance to chance or when you find a moment, without having a set schedule in place, can lead to reduced productivity and a decline in the efficiency and accuracy of the equipment. In some instances, the entire Bucket Teeth might need to be replaced!