XINKE is specialized in the Production of Forklift Parts


A forklift is made up of thousands of forklift parts. Over the course of the years, some parts will wear out and need replacing, while others will need updating. Then there are the new forklift parts you will add on to increase the lift truck's safety or performance.

Included in the forklift parts required to build a complete machine is a transmission and a steering system. A simple forward and reverse transmission is commonly used in most forklifts, and a rear steer assembly is also common to most forklifts. By steering the machine at the rear, the forks are able to be pivoted nearly 90 degrees without moving forward. This allows an operator to place a pallet load of supplies on a shelf in a very tight space. The final forklift parts to be installed on the machine are the forks themselves. These large and heavy forklift parts are typically shipped off of the machine and installed by the new owner.

Forklift parts consist of many different pieces that create the complete machine. From hydraulic hoses to batteries, cables and electric motors, forklift parts are usually very heavy and made of only the best materials. A lot of steel beams and solid steel bracing material are used in building the lift carriage, while hydraulic cylinders and heavy chains are used to move the forks to the top of the carriage. Rubber tires, steel wheels and a drive axle are used to propel the forklift through the warehouse. A seat, steering wheel and foot pedals allow an operator to drive and control the heavyweight machine.

Before you start your search for an online forklift parts and accessories dealer, it's a good idea to first ask yourself a question: Do you just need a part or parts or do you need ongoing service? The answer should be clear. It's better to take the time to find a company that can help you with all your needs rather than just a company that can sell you a few items.