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How to pay attention to protection when processing stainless steel precision casting?

During the production and processing of stainless steel precision casting, the accumulated method can be used to eliminate the defects in the product. After grinding and polishing, the specifications of the castings must be reasonably in line with the dimensional tolerances of the castings. Usually, the deformed castings can be Correction is carried out by means of mechanical equipment.
Stainless steel castings can be repaired by welding repairs immediately in the process of using them. When the products are repaired by arc welding, the total area of ​​welding repairs and the deep depth of welding repairs must meet their requirements. The total area of ​​welding repair refers to the total area after expansion. The welding repair of stainless steel precision castings cannot exceed multiple times at the same place. The interval between the castings at the edge of the welding area, which involves the welding area on the back side, must not be less than the sum of the diameters of the two adjacent welding areas, as long as it is For the castings supplied by the heat treatment process, the heat treatment process must be carried out according to the original conditions after welding repair.

The physical properties of stainless steel castings after quenching and tempering treatment must be reasonably tested. The total area of ​​the argon arc welding machine area in the castings must not be less than 2cm2, and the distance between the welding areas of machinery and equipment is uneconomical 100 mm. It does not pass its heat treatment process, but one stainless steel casting must not exceed 5 places.
Stainless steel precision castings must not have cracks and under-welded conditions in the welding repair area. The castings are allowed to have a larger diameter of no more than 2 mm and no more than 1/3 of the wall thickness in all welding zones. There are three kinds of air holes or mixed, and the row height of the product is not economical 12 mm.
For castings of stainless steel castings operating in corrosive substances and their atmospheres, welding powder is not allowed to be used when the product is repaired for welding damage.
How to pay attention to the protection of stainless steel precision casting during processing?
What should be paid attention to about stainless steel castings: stainless steel castings are a general term for the processing technology of obtaining specifications castings. Compared with the traditional sand casting process, the precision casting has the casting specifications, and the surface smoothness is good. So what precautions must we pay attention to when applying stainless steel castings?
The common problems of stainless steel castings are actually detailed as follows:
1. In order to avoid ash caused by stainless steel castings, in addition to taking certain effective measures from the processing technology, the wall thickness must not be too thin. Some materials emphasize that when the wall thickness is more than 20 mm, the The casting arc of steel and alloy copper metal material cast iron can be selected by referring to Table 1.2-28;
2. Because the metal material type and core are indifferent, in order to facilitate the removal of the casting and the extraction type, the casting inclination of the stainless steel casting should be slightly larger than that of the sand casting, usually 30%-50% larger. .

3. The wall thickness of the inner cavity and inner rib of stainless steel castings should usually be 0.65-0.73 of the thickness of the connecting surface. Otherwise, because the inner cavity (rib) freezes slowly, it is easy to connect the inner and outer walls when the casting is closed. cause cracks.
4. Because the metal material type heats up quickly, the thickness of the carbon fiber product should be a little larger than that of the sand casting casting, and various casting aluminum alloys and casting wall thicknesses of different sizes should be used.

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