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The development of foundry industry all over the world

The tide of global economic integration has done great harm to the foundry industry. There are more and more competitive strategies in the sales market of sodium silicate precision steel castings. In the more and more stringent quality requirements of the product itself. Suppliers broadly specify additional requirements for prices and delivery dates and related services. Reflected in the level of technical barriers to trade, dealers adopted many certification, identification level of the provisions, has become the most common way. For example, the 5SA8000 certification barriers in recent years are also normative barriers, green barriers, labor barriers, people's rights barriers and social moral barriers. Due to its characteristics, the water glass steel casting industry has different sensitivity levels to this kind of barrier. , to the United States three automotive groups as the world's top automotive enterprises feel: according to I5O/TS16949 certification supplier institutions may obtain a greater use of the value of the application for registration, because this application registration is created in the quality management system to carry out pure stringent approval basically. If you are certified according to ISO/TS16949, you have already obtained some test results.

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