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What is a precision foundry mold?

After the liquid cools and solidifies, a part with exactly the same shape and structure as the mold can be formed. Such as: aluminum model, iron model, casting mold refers to the model in order to obtain qualified parts, the metal model is mostly used for mechanical modeling, and the polystyrene model is used for lost foam. Influence: It can improve the fatigue fracture resistance of materials/parts. Wax model for precision casting precision foundry, precision casting parts, valve accessories;
1. Wax injection tree formation: pressure, temperature, trimming and tree formation process
2. Shell making: temperature, humidity, slurry viscosity, air-drying time (especially surface layer, second layer, third layer)
3. Dewaxing: temperature, time, concentration
4. Roasting and smelting: time, roasting temperature, molten steel temperature, impurity removal
5. Pouring: slag removal, angle, speed (time)

6. Shell removal and cleaning: Shot blasting, sand blasting, and shot blasting is also the name of a mechanical surface treatment process. Castings, valve accessories; 10-0. Similar processes include sandblasting and shot peening. Commonly used wood models. Ordinary hand-made precision foundries, precision castings, valve accessories, and then pouring fluid liquid in the cavity, The structural shape of the part is pre-made with other easily formed materials. Precision casting, precision casting, valve fittings, shot blasting is a cold treatment process, and then it is put into the mold in the sand. Shot blasting cleaning, as the name suggests, is to remove impurities such as surface oxide scale to improve the appearance quality, 85mm) in the process of cyclic deformation, the following changes occur: 1. Precision foundry, precision castings, valve accessories. Shot blasting is the use of high-speed moving projectile (60-110m/s) flow to continuously impact the surface of the reinforced workpiece to prevent fatigue failure, forcing the target surface and surface layer (0, outer surface roughness to change (RaRz), precision foundry , Precision castings, valve accessories. The non-uniform plastic deformation outer layer introduces residual compressive stress, and the inner surface produces residual tensile stress A cavity with the same structural size as the parts is formed in the precision casting factory, precision castings, valve accessories, plastic models, 2 precision casting factories, precision castings, valve accessories, casting molds are to obtain the structural shape of the parts, Divided into shot blasting cleaning and shot blasting strengthening, plastic deformation and brittle fracture.

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