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Do you know the principle of welding repair and correction process for stainless steel castings?

Stainless steel castings can use their grinding and polishing methods to clean up defects on the surface of machinery and equipment in the process of finishing. The castings allow for mechanical correction.
Stainless steel castings can be directly repaired by welding repairs in the application process. When the machine equipment uses its tungsten argon arc welding repairs, its welding repair surface area and welding repair depth should also apply its standards. The surface area of ​​weld repair in the equipment refers to the surface area after expansion.
Stainless steel castings cannot be repaired more than three times in the same place. The distance between the castings and the edge of the welding zone, which involves the welding zone on the opposite side, must not be less than the sum of the diameters of the two adjacent welding zones. The castings supplied in the state should be heat treated and tempered according to the original state after welding repair.
The mechanical properties of the stainless steel castings after heat treatment and tempering should also be checked. The surface area of ​​the argon arc welding area in the castings should not be less than 50px2, and the distance between the welding areas of the machinery and equipment is not effective at 100 mm. Heat treatment and tempering, but remember not more than 5 places on a stainless steel casting.
In the welding repair area, there should be no cracks or incomplete penetration. The castings are allowed to have pores or parameters with a diameter of no more than 2 mm and no more than 1/3 of the wall thickness in all welding zones. Miscellaneous three, the margins of machinery and equipment are not effective 10 mm.

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