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In casting, what problems do stainless steel castings often encounter?

In the casting industry of stainless steel castings, sand inclusion and sand holes are often encountered in production. Why do such problems occur?
In addition to improper sand cleaning, if the equipment is not completely cleaned before use, or during the pouring process of stainless steel castings, due to the high pouring temperature, the molten iron scours the molding sand of the runner wall, and sand inclusion and Trachoma problem. At first, because the requirements for this aspect were not strict and did not affect the use, various manufacturers did not pay much attention to such problems. In order to alleviate such problems, some manufacturers usually use paint to OEM Investment Casting Small Automobile Component Casting Parts solve them. It is also more difficult and difficult, so it will still lead to the phenomenon of sand inclusion and blisters in the cast castings, which greatly reduces the quality of the castings.
In order to solve the problem of sand inclusion and sand holes in castings? After continuous research, it is found that as long as special casting coatings are used to clean and protect the inner wall, the problems of sand inclusion and blisters can be greatly reduced, and it also has a great effect on improving the yield of castings.
In the long-term use of stainless steel castings, it is normal for the paint to fall off due to the influence of the external environment. At this time, we need to repaint.
1. First of all, we should prepare the tools used for repair: sandpaper, brush, spray paint or barrel paint. When choosing paint, we should try to choose anti-rust paint or polyester topcoat, and we should also ensure the brushing of stainless steel castings. The number of times is more than twice. The rust spots in the rusted position need to be cleaned with sandpaper.
2. When using the paint for the first painting, it should be painted as evenly as possible. After the paint is dry, the second painting should be carried out. When painting the second time, the polyurethane type topcoat should be used, and the paint should be painted as much as possible. Ensure smooth surface.
3. If the aging of the stainless steel casting is serious, you should try to consider replacing it with a new one.

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