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The difference between precision castings and general castings

Precision castings are different from general castings:
Precision casting is the casting of liquid metal water concrete into the same solid model as the casting, and the casting can be formed after cooling. Casting methods include sand casting, special casting, precision casting, and V-shaped casting. Precision casting in precision casting is classified as special casting. Parts cast by this method do not require production machining, and may require very little production machining to be applied.

General casting is a superficial forging casting, and aluminum die casting is a casting method that uses working pressure casting. The liquid metal material is charged into the cast solid model at a high rate under high pressure. Let it condense under the effect of working pressure. Generally, the multi-material casting is affected by various external forces, and it deforms in the case of condensation. Precision casting and general casting are two different casting methods, but the requirements of precision casting are higher and the precision is stronger. Compared with the traditional sand casting process, the castings obtained by precision casting have larger specifications and stronger surface smoothness. Including: investment casting, porcelain casting, metal material casting, working pressure casting, lost foam casting. The overall surface coating of stainless steel precision castings determines the technological performance of the castings. Therefore, it is stipulated that the coating quality is high, the silica powder is fine, the coating viscosity should not be too high, and the sand removal should be fine. Structural reinforcement coating can improve the shell and avoid damage to the shell. Therefore, coarser silica powder can be used, the viscosity of the coating is higher, and the particle size distribution of the sand removed is also large.

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