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What is precision casting?

Precision casting is a forging method that uses high-precision metal mold casting to obtain precision machining.
It can obtain relatively high forging precision. The more widely used method is to make the electric grade of the required blank (which can leave a very small capacity or no capacity), and then use the electric grade to etch the mold to generate the inner cavity. Then cast the wax by casting to obtain the initial wax model. Brush the wax mold with heat-resistant liquid machine sand layer by layer. After a sufficient thickness is obtained, it is dried and then heated up to melt the internal wax mold and obtain a concave mold that is consistent with the desired embryo. Then cast molten steel in the concave mold, peel off the casing after drying, and you can get the finished product made by precision mold.

It includes: investment casting, pottery casting, metal casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting.
The most common among them is investment casting, also known as lost wax casting: selecting suitable investment raw materials (such as paraffin) to produce and process investment models; continuously dipping fire-resistant industrial coatings and spraying fire-resistant safety sand production processes on the investment molds , hardening the shell and drying; then melt the internal investment to obtain the cavity; burn the shell to obtain sufficient tensile strength and damage the residual investment raw materials; the metal material polymer necessary for concrete pouring Material; solidification and cooling, sand cleaning after shell removal, so as to obtain the output of precision processed products. Depending on the product must or be heat treated with cold drawn and metal finish.

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