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What is the design structure of stainless steel castings?

Facilitates model making, core box and styling
1. The inner wall of the casting of the small and medium-sized rubber mixing machine or the U-shaped mixing machine should not be used as much as possible when casting. When using the mold shell, it should be conducive to support points, immobilization and sand discharge, and there should be sufficient technical holes when necessary;
2. For the inner and outer edges and rib structures of precision castings, a certain structural inclination should be set in the mold ejection direction;
3. The distance between a part of the punch on the casting and the body of the casting should not be too far. Several punches at the same relative height and close to each other on the same surface should be used to produce a part of the overall protrusion.
4. The appearance of the casting should be simple and easy to cast. The clinical diagnostic surface of castings shall be leveled, and the total number of clinical diagnostic surfaces shall be at least;

Second, the tendency to create disadvantages should be reduced
1. Stainless steel precision castings should minimize large planes;
2. The casting hole on the inner wall of the precision casting should be reinforced with a raised edge structure to reduce the wall thickness;
3. The structure of the casting should be such that it can be closed as far as possible without being obstructed during refrigeration;
4. For the solid layer cavity with a relatively large total area such as water and gas safety channels in the casting, multiple connecting columns should be set.

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