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How to solve the rust on the surface of stainless steel precision castings?

The dry solution method is to solve the surface layer of precision castings by the friction solution of the core of sandblasting and rust removal. Sandblasting and rust removal simply talks about reducing the gas as the driving force, so that the projectile wheel is broken to correspond to The speed of friction sprays to the surface layer of precision castings to remove the sand and zinc ash on the surface layer, but this kind of friction treatment method has been adopted by many manufacturers due to low production efficiency, uneven resolution, poor expected effect and other factors. Stainless steel precision casting butterfly valves have been largely eliminated. The key of the wet-type rational method is the principle of electro-hydraulic hammer state. The high-pressure pulse counter relies on the unique electric stage placed in the water to complete the two-color charge and discharge, resulting in a large hydraulic transmission impact force. Since the plastic deformation coefficient and vibration frequency of the surface adhesion of the precision casting and the casting itself are different, the actual effect of sand cleaning is guaranteed.

For the precision castings with complicated appearance design of Nanpi carbon steel precision castings, such as deep holes, buried holes, and inner cavities, it has a relatively high-efficiency solution to the expected effect. It is a surface treatment method for a series of castings widely used in precision castings. The above are the two common surface treatment methods for precision castings. We must remind everyone here that the treatment methods of these two are not only for precision castings, but a large part of metal casting products must be processed after production and processing. For surface treatment, precision casting is an indispensable processing technology in metal casting products. For the surface treatment of castings, the key practical significance is to remove a series of residues such as sand and zinc ash on the surface of metal castings, so as to promote precision castings. The surface has more and more stainless steel metallic luster to ensure the implementation of the product. Therefore, the treatment of the surface of precision castings is very important. In the case of solving the surface of precision castings, we should follow appropriate methods to complete them. Only then can the quality of precision casting products be guaranteed.

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