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Heat treatment of precision castings

Due to the different purposes of precision castings, there are many heat treatment methods, which can be basically divided into two categories. The first is that the structure will not change or should not be changed by heat treatment, and the second is that the basic structure will change. The first heat treatment procedure is mainly used to relieve internal stress caused by different cooling conditions and conditions during stainless steel casting. Due to heat treatment, the structure, strength and other mechanical properties of precision castings will not change significantly.

For the second type of heat treatment, al Qaeda has undergone major changes, which can be roughly divided into five categories:
1. Softening annealing: Its purpose is mainly to decompose carbides, reduce their hardness and improve processability. For ductile iron, the aim is to obtain a more ferritic structure.
2. Normalizing treatment: The main purpose is to obtain pearlite and sorbite to improve the mechanical properties of stainless steel castings.
3. Quenching treatment: mainly to obtain higher hardness or wear resistance, and at the same time to achieve high surface wear resistance.
4. Surface hardening treatment: mainly to obtain a hardened surface layer, and at the same time to obtain high surface wear resistance of precision castings.
5. Precipitation hardening treatment: mainly to obtain high strength without sharp change in elongation

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