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What is the advanced process of stainless steel precision casting?

Stainless steel precision casting has a corresponding production process in the stage of production and manufacturing. In the stage of production and manufacturing, molds can be effectively made according to various styles of its products. Stainless steel precision casting can be effectively divided. For the left and right cavity mode, the comprehensive processing technology such as planing, milling, etching, turning and spark discharge is effectively used to complete the success.
Industry Prospects of Precision Casting Parts The specifications, models and dent styles of stainless steel precision casting are the same as those of the outside of the product. The key point in application is that the wax mold is mainly used for industrial production of wax-pressed plate applications. When selecting, the melting point is not too high and the hardness test method is not high. In the application, the aluminum alloy profile material with relatively affordable price and relatively light quality is used as the mold shell of Nanpi carbon steel precision casting.

Stainless steel precision casting must effectively complete the product refinement on the peripheral capacity of its wax mold during production and processing. After effective grinding and polishing during application, several single wax molds are glued to the top of the pre-planned mold head. High wear-resistant iron Precision castings are also industrially produced wax solid digital models produced with wax molds.
Stainless steel precision casting will effectively coat several wax molds on the top of the die that have already been defined with industrial glue, and then evenly coat a layer of fine sand. The sand particles are small and fine, so as to ensure a clear rough surface Be as clean and detailed as possible.
After the first sandblasting of stainless steel precision casting is successful and of course it is dried, industrial glue will be applied on the surface of the wax mold during the application stage, and then a second layer of sand will be effectively applied. The particle size is higher than the previous one. The first layer of sand is large and coarse. After the second layer of sand is applied, the wax mold is naturally dried under a clear temperature control.
After the second sand coating of stainless steel precision casting and drying of course, the processing techniques such as the third sandblasting treatment, the fourth sandblasting treatment and the fifth sandblasting treatment are deduced in turn. Then, the number of sandblasting treatments should be adjusted effectively according to the specifications of its volume, the surface layer regulations and the net weight. Generally, the number of sandblasting treatments is 3-7 times.

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