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What precautions will lead to the use of precision castings?

How to solve the problem of electric welding of precision castings, how to carry out electric welding, as a manufacturer of precision castings, let us take you to understand!
Taking into account the elements at all levels, the welding position of the precision castings should be selected as much as possible or by welding and symmetrical welding, and then the overall welding method can prevent the stress from cracking the precision castings, thereby enhancing its electric welding. quality.
When carrying out internal lap welding of precision castings, if the butt joint is relatively small, it is recommended to use 3.2 welding wire. 4.0 wire is not used until the second layer is welded by electric welding. Because the general precision castings are very large, the electric welding can be carried out by segment by 1/6 turn.
For the cracks generated during the electric welding operation of the precision casting manufacturer, the weld should be cut along both sides of the crack first, and the depth and length of the groove should be cut off and then repaired by welding again. When welding cracks by electric welding, the stainless steel head is firstly welded, and the cracks are gradually welded along the cracks from the root of the crack. For the strength exceeding HRC38, use AI02 welding wire when covering the surface.
Precision castings must be welded in layers. When the ambient temperature of the first layer is cooled to 200-300 °C, the welding skin should be removed and cleaned, and then the second layer should be welded, and so on. Don't be too anxious to carry out the next step. Layer welding to prevent poor welding quality.
What precautions will lead to the use of precision castings?
When designing the heat treatment tooling of the design scheme, there are also certain common problems. As a manufacturer of heat treatment tooling, there are some matters that must be paid attention to when dealing with the heat treatment tooling of the design scheme. Let us take you to understand a bit!
1) Make an in-depth analysis of the product workpiece structure and technical standards to maximize the technical standards.
2) To ensure that the work clothes can reliably bear the weight of the product workpiece for the whole process of the heat treatment method, and have a long service life.
3) Ensure that the product workpiece is evenly heated, nitrided, carbonitrided and cooled evenly when carried on the work clothes.
4) Carry as many product workpieces as possible to improve the productivity of the heat treatment process and reduce energy consumption.
5) Try to combine the practicality of work clothes as much as possible, reduce the types of work clothes, simplify the management of chemical clothing, and control costs.
6) Minimize work taking raw materials and manufacturing costs.

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