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Excavator castings bucket teeth and teeth

How to maintain bucket teeth and teeth:


First of all, choosing the right bucket teeth is an important factor in extending your excavator's working life and stronger penetration, because the paired bucket teeth and their accessories are the premise of faster excavator's working cycle and saving raw materials.


Secondly, in the process of using the excavator bucket teeth, the outer bucket teeth are 30% faster than the inner wear parts. Therefore, after a period of time, the bucket teeth can be changed inside and outside or rotated, which can relieve and provide productivity to a certain extent.


Then, when operating the excavator, it is best to dig perpendicular to the working face under the bucket teeth, so as to avoid breaking the bucket teeth due to too large inclination Angle.

Finally, coating the bucket teeth and other accessories with tungsten coating can effectively reduce maintenance costs and improve the efficiency of the machine.

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