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Excavator bucket teeth and adapters

Manufacturing process:

Forged bucket teeth:  Forging bucket tooth generally adopt alloy steel, and then using special pressure on the metal blank, forging machinery for extruding forming at high temperature, refining the forgings in crystal material, make its produce plastic deformation in order to obtain certain mechanical properties, metal after forging processing can improve the organizational structure, can guarantee the forging bucket tooth has a good mechanical performance, more wear-resisting, long service life.

Casting bucket teeth: casting bucket teeth are generally made of austenitic ductile iron, and then the liquid metal is cast into the casting cavity suitable for the shape of the parts. After cooling and solidification, parts or blank can be obtained.  This process provides good wear resistance and penetration.

In general, due to the material structure of the cast bucket teeth, it has less wear resistance, toughness and penetration than forged bucket teeth, but it can provide lighter weight, better hardness and cheaper price.

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