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What are the factors that affect the production process of precision casting

In recent years, with the increasing demand for stainless steel precision casting products in the domestic market, Relevant Enterprises in China began to get rid of the restrictions of foreign products and began to transform into independent development to provide market competitiveness for products.

At present, independent research and development has become the primary goal of domestic foundry enterprises.

Out of a stainless steel precision casting transformation road.

Do you know what factors affect the manufacturability of precision castings?


  1. Design manufacturability of cast iron parts. During the design, not only the geometrical shape and size of the casting should be determined according to the working condition and the performance of the metal material, but also the rationality of the design should be considered according to the casting process characteristics and the casting alloy, so as to avoid the casting deformation, cracking, component segregation and other defects.


  1. The casting process should be reasonable, that is, according to the structure, size and weight of cast iron, choose the appropriate molding and core making method. In addition, cooling, riser and pouring system should be set up reasonably to ensure the quality of cast iron.


  1. Whether the quality of casting raw materials is good. If the metal charge, solvent, metamorphic agent or coating material quality is not up to standard, cast iron will appear porosity, slag, sand and other defects, affecting the quality of cast iron inside and outside.


  1. The process operation procedures should be reasonable. When making castings, it is necessary to constantly improve the technical level of workers, at the same time formulate reasonable process operation rules, so that the production process is correct and reasonable.


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