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How to estimate the casting weight?

In the construction of modern industry, casting is a very important part, and casting production and practice often need to estimate the weight of castings. So today we will talk about three common methods for estimating the weight of castings.
First, we estimate the casting weight based on the mass calculation formula (i.e., mass=density × On the basis of volume), the density of steel castings is generally calculated as 7.8 tons/cubic meter. It should be emphasized here that these methods are only applicable to estimation. In actual castings, titanium carbide alloy bars and ceramic particles are often compounded, and other methods should be used to accurately measure the weight of castings.
Knowing the density, we can calculate the weight of the casting only by knowing its volume. Next, we will introduce three common simple estimation methods.

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1、 The volume of castings with regular shape is directly measured and calculated
For some castings with regular shapes, such as cuboid, cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, etc., we can directly measure the side length, diameter, height and other data, calculate the volume, and then use the mass formula to calculate the weight of the castings. This method can also be used for castings with simple combination of these regular shapes.
3、 For standard parts, the casting weight can be directly queried according to the model
The size and material of standard parts are fixed, and we can directly inquire their weight according to the model.
The casting weight estimation is relatively simple, but in practice, if the requirements are high, we need to consider the actual material of the casting and the composite alloy bars and ceramic particles in the casting, and adjust the density accordingly

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