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Main part of automotive steel is representative steel

This is the most effective way to recover from the manufacturing process. The application of advanced steelmaking technology has brought new vitality to the manufacturing industry. Due to the rapid development of computer technology, it is possible to produce a large number of products that can be used to meet various requirements such as shape, size, usage performance, etc.
About 15% to 20% of medium-sized trains are produced by different manufacturing methods, these are the main power system related parts and important structural parts. The automobile industry has developed national automobile production technology, good product quality, high production efficiency, and little environmental pollution. Casting raw material formation series and standardization, complete production process has been mechanized, automated and intelligent. Accompanying the rapid development of automobile technology, adoption of high-speed model technology, CAE technology, Sankei construction model, number control technology, etc., can provide strong support for the development of new products with a short production cycle and low production wind.

Agricultural Alloy Steel Ridger Precision Investment Casting Parts XK-A005
Therefore, the main part of the main part of the steel for automobiles is the main part of the steel, especially the black steel and the gray steel. The use of high-performance and easy-to-use production methods is an important basis for the application of high-strength, high-strength, high-strength and high-strength steel.
Another kind of excellent engineering material--Isothermal fireball ink iron tool with excellent mechanical performance, fast development and good application abroad, suitable for various applications such as bending wheels, gear wheels, supports, structures, etc. .

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