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Development of stainless steel investment casting

Stainless steel castings are steel castings made of various stainless steel materials. The general name of stainless steel precision casting is also known as investment casting. This casting process minimizes or does not cut at all during the casting process. This is a widely used casting method with high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality. At the same time, the casting process is not at ultra-high temperature, and is more suitable for casting parts in high-tech industries such as aerospace and national defense.

The manufacturing process of silica sol shell is widely used in the casting industry of more complicated internal combustion engine parts. The coating used in the method has good stability, does not need chemical hardening process, and has better resistance to high temperature and deformation. But this technology also has a certain disadvantage, that is, it is not good for the warmth of wax models.
The basic feature of this process is to use paraffin stearic acid low temperature mold material, and the adhesive in the shell manufacturing process is water glass, which is widely used in stainless steel precision casting. However, compared with the silica sol shell making process, the biggest problem of this method is that the surface quality of the obtained castings is general and the dimensional accuracy is low, but because of its unique cost advantage.

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